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SEO Boost Your User Experience; Win The Competitive Market

Every day, Google receives over 3.5 billion searches. Search engines are being used more and more by customers to help in their buying decisions. We ensure Google ranks your website by adhering to SEO best practices and keeping your site current with the most recent algorithm updates.

Topton Media is a top SEO Agency that assists businesses like yours to be visible on search results. Visibility on search engine result pages increases your chances of getting quality website sales. Let us assist you in staying on top of your SEO endeavors so that your company will appear when a potential customer searches. To advertise your company online, we use analytics, and content that has been optimized, with relevant keyword research tools

Service Features

  • Website Audit
  • Keywords Research, Analysis & recommendation
  • Fix On-Page SEO Issues
  • Webmaster Tool Setup (Google & Bings)

Why Every Business Needs SEO Services In Nigeria

The technique of carefully choosing where your web pages appear online is called search engine optimization, or SEO. With this positioning, you can be sure that your company will appear on search engine result pages before those of your rivals.
SEO Services will ensure that the people who are looking for your products or services on search engines (google/bing) can easily find you. There are over 6 billion searches on google on a daily basis.
With SEO people who are looking for products and services like yours can easily find you whenever they are searching on Google and Bing, thereby increasing your search traffic and driving leads and sales.
A Better ROI Than Paid Ad: SEO is affordable because of its long-term benefits. Great SEO practice endures for a long time and gets better with the effort you spend on it. When done properly, SEO helps customers find you even when you’re sleeping. 2–6 months of SEO work can yield greatly for your business for more than 10 years.


When people need anything on the internet, they ask Google and perhaps other search engines like Bings. Google and Bings don’t vend anything. They act as a mediator between the searchers and millions of websites on the internet. SEO is a process of telling Google and Bings that your website offers the right solutions to searchers’ need. Thus, they ( Google & Bings) rank your website high for searchers to see and click-through. Great SEO results in more visits to your website and this increases your chances of getting a clients and sales.

This depends on how competitive the keywords are. On most SEO campaigns, we achieve a first-runner ranking within 3-6 months. Once we’ve your details, we can give an estimate.

For an SEO service to be successful, it requires an admixture of work done on your website and those done down from the website. In On-Page SEO, you perform conduct to ameliorate your website’s usability for your visitors and the search robots. These conduct include; Streamlining metadata that shows up in search results. These includes Auditing and streamlining the internal linking structure. Creating a sitemap. Integrating website images with alt tags. Keyword exploration and streamlining applicable keywords on your website. Optimizing website usability, speed, and design Off-Page SEO includes all conduct performed off your website. These conduct are aimed at telling search engines that your business is a force in your assiduity and position. These conduct include; Earning Estimable backlinks. Setting a Google My Business account. Listing your business of original online directories. Guest blogging etc.

All SEO campaigns begin with intensive research. We then use a combination of on-page SEO, Off-Page backlinks, and technical SEO approaches to improve visibility

Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. We totally integrate keywords into your website during the On-Page SEO process. When your website uses the same pattern of keywords, Google sees this as a marker that your business revolves around said keywords. Thus, it may rank you high for said keywords.

You can track ranking yourself by checking Google or Bings. There are also several tools that can achieve this. Finally, we also send you monthly reports showing your ranking.

Contact us when you’re ready to launch your SEO strategy so we can get to work on your project. To discuss your project, one of our representatives will contact you. We’ll create a proposal for you after our conversation. We will begin working on your project as soon as both sides have signed the agreement!

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